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Three (3) Cosmetic Upgrades To Help You Sell Your Home!

There are simple, inexpensive, cosmetic upgrades that almost everyone can do that will make a difference whether your home sells in 90-days+; 60-days; a month versus a week.

My Partner and I have a new program (successfully started out West) that can help sell your home for TOP DOLLAR in the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME Call Dave George for details (330-620-0219).

On to some Simple Ideas to Help Sell your Home.

First: A Fresh Coat of Paint – Today most buyers are looking for neutral colors when touring homes. It would be in your best interest to stick to beige, gray and white as these colors have the greatest appeal to most buyers. You might be a big fan of brightly colored walls in a room, or on an accent wall, a lot of buyers have a hard time looking past bright yellow, red, or blue walls.

Second: Upgrade Your HardwareOld or tarnished hardware throughout your home.

Nothing says “outdated” like old doorknobs, drawer handles or cabinet pulls. Most buyers prefer silver or brushed brass or nickel hardware. These provide a sleeker appearance if aligned with the overall style of your home. “Unnatural” looking hardware in kitchens and bathrooms detract in appearance and could interfere with an offer or a lower price.

Third: Revive Your Hardwood Floors – There’s nothing that says “buy me” more that beautifully maintained hardwood floors. Buyers are always on the lookout for great looking natural hardwood floors. You may want to consider bringing them back to life with fresh stain and a clear or transparent varnish. Polyurethane Varnish probably wears the best. For this upgrade you might be better-off to seek the advice of a professional.

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