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Expert Tips to Help You Avoid Mortgage Mistakes

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" As first-time homebuyers, Wayne and I had a lot to learn in a very short amount of time.  Dave dedicated his time to us and guided us throughout the entire process.  His expertise made it possible for us to buy a beautiful home for an affordable price.  We appreciated him walking us through every step, attending the home inspection, attending our closing and the whole process.  Buying a home could have been a very long detailed and stressful process, but Dave made the who le experience much smoother, gave us confidence throughout it which made it a fun and exciting time for us".


                                                                                                                                                                   Bridget and Wayne (2015)

Twelve of the Most Common Mortgage Mistakes

  1. Not using a local Mortgage Company or Credit Union.

  2. Getting a Mortgage "Pre-Qualification" Not a "Pre-Approval"

  3. Assuming all Mortgage Products, Lender Rates & Terms are the Same

  4. Putting "No Money" or a Small Amount of Money Down

  5. Ignoring Your Credit history and Score

  6.  Adding too much Debt, otherwise known as Debt to Income (DTI).

  7. Skipping the Rate Lock

  8. Waiting to Shop for Homeowner's Insurance. 

  9. Opening Up New Credit lines before or after applying with a lender.

  10. Neglecting to consider the True costs of owning a Home, Taxes, Home Maintenance, Sewer Bills and Utilities etc.

  11. Sporadic Job History prior to Applying for a Loan.

  12. Not paying attention to the fees associated with getting a Mortgage 

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