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If You Wait To List and Sell Your Home It Might Cost You an Unexpectedly LARGE amount of MONEY!

Typically about 40% of home sales occur between April and July each year. Recent expectations are very different that “typical.” Here’s why (in no specific order):

1) Home buyers are active in the market and ready to buy. While the real estate market

has shifted a little toward a “normal” market the demand for homes is still short of

supply. Also, at this time of year only the most serious buyers will be in the market

looking. Therefore, the inconvenience of listing and selling your home will be a lot less.

The logic is clear: There are purchasers in the market that are ready, willing and able to

buy right now.

2) Spring time will produce a great many more sellers wanting to list their homes.

Following the laws of supply and demand, you can command a higher price and

negotiate your ideal contract if you put your house on the market when there’s a

stronger demand. A recent survey by showed 65% of sellers who plan to

sell their homes next year have either already listed their home, or are planning to enter

the market this winter.

3) New construction will be your “big” competition in the spring. Supply chain bottlenecks

and labor shortages will smooth themselves out. Judging on the number of building

permits pulled, their will be a considerable increase in competition from new builds.

The price spread between new homes and existing homes is narrowing because of

existing home price appreciation. It’s important to be sure to get more attention from

buyers as possible, and now. A strategy to beat these newly constructed homes to the

market is a sound one.

4) No one can accurately predict what the overall economy will do, and the housing

market is a big part of the overall numbers. Some experts are predicting a mild

recession, others a deep recession and still others don’t even care to make a prediction.

The same is the case for inflation. Inflation and mortgage interest rates could continue

to erode a buyer’s purchasing power. Some buyer’s in the market today that are

“walking that slippery slope” could price themselves out of a home in your price range.

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